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Get the latest Ghost CMS news and updates. Find useful guides and tutorials. Useful tips to improve and customize your Ghost theme and optimize your workflow.


How to use Code Injection in Ghost

Enhance your Ghost CMS with Code Injection. Easily add custom scripts and styles, integrate tools, and new features site-wide or per post for seamless customization.

Biron Themes becomes Bright Themes 🎉

With Bright Themes, we're taking a bold step forward, infusing our themes with even more luminosity, and ensuring that your website shines brighter than ever before.

Ghost CMS Price Helper Overview & Tips

How to use the price helper in your Ghost theme. Overview of the available options and specific use cases with examples on what you can do with the helper.

Ghost CMS Match Helper Usage & Tips

How to use the match helper in your Ghost theme. Overview of the available operators and specific use cases with examples on what you can do with this helper.

Ghost CMS News: Native Comments

Ghost CMS native comments was introduced in version 5.8.0. The new comment system is clean and intuitive and it will help to increase engagement, with built-in email notifications

The best Ghost CMS hosting platforms

Discover the best options for hosting your Ghost CMS! From managed services like Ghost(Pro) and MagicPages to self-hosting on DigitalOcean, this article gives you the basic information to choose the right provider for hosting Ghost.

Ghost CMS News: Native Search

Ghost CMS native search function was introduced in version 5.3.0. It provides clean, fast and intuitive way fo find content across your publication

Ghost Snippets: Custom Stylish Tables

How to add create custom stylish tables in your Ghost theme. You can use these tables when you want to compare data or highlight information in a tabular fashion.

Ghost Snippets: Accordions

How to add create custom stylish accordions in your Ghost theme. Add collapsible customizable pieces of content using our complete tutorial including HTML markup and CSS for styling.

Ghost 5.0 released 🎉

Check out all the Ghost 5.0 features in the latest major release from the Ghost team. Memberships tiers, multiple newsletters, a new dashboard and more.

Custom Pages in Ghost CMS Themes

Ghost CMS Custom Pages. How to create custom pages in your Ghost theme. Using routes.yaml, page templates and custom templates with examples.

Ghost CMS Search Using Fuse.js

Add Search function to Ghost with the Fuse.js library. Fuse.js overview and detailed guide for Ghost Themes including Content API setup, fetching posts, Fuse setup and markup & script for handling the search event.

Ghost Custom Theme Settings

Ghost CMS custom theme settings, types of custom settings and how to use them. Guidelines and use cases for settings with specific examples.

Self-Hosted Ghost CMS with DigitalOcean

Self Hosting Ghost CMS on DigitalOcean. The cheapest and best self hosting option for Ghost Blogs. Pros and cons when hosting Ghost by yourself, and guide for install Ghost on DigitalOcean.

Ghost Snippets: Custom Alert Boxes

How to add alert boxes to your Ghost Theme. How to highlight critical information using alert boxes in your Ghost theme. Guide to add the HTML markup and style it with CSS.

Ghost CMS Dynamic Routing & routes.yaml

Ghost CMS routing overview, basic configuration, and using custom routes, collections, channels, and taxonomies. Create a custom site structure with the routes.yaml file in Ghost.

How to Audit & Test a Ghost Theme

Ghost Theme Testing. Guide for testing Ghost Themes using Gscan. How to Audit a Ghost Theme using Lighthouse and other tools to improve site performance.

How to Configure Ghost with Mailgun

Guide to setup Mailgun with Ghost CMS. How to configure Mailgun and update Ghost configuration then test the implementation. Setup for Ghost Members with Mailgun.

How to Use Ghost Filter Expressions

Ghost Filter expressions and queries. Guide to use filtering in the Ghost CMS and an overview of the available syntax with examples and use cases in Ghost Themes.

Ghost Themes as Progressive Web Apps

Guide to convert your Ghost Theme into a Progressive Web App (PWA). How to define a manifest file and create a service worker then test it using Lighthouse.

Ghost 3.0 is here with brand new features

What's new in Ghost 3.0? An overview of the new features in the Ghost Publishing Platform. Membership & subscriptions, JAMstack and theme deployment with Ghost 3.0.

Ghost 2.0 is here with new features

What's new in Ghost 2.0? An overview of the new features in the Ghost Blogging Platform. A brand new editor, multi-language support and more.

How to Add Facebook Comments to Ghost

Guide on how to add Facebook comments to Ghost. Step by step description and code snippets to help you install Facebook comments in your Ghost Theme.

How to Add Disqus Comments to Ghost

Guide on how to add Disqus comments to your Ghost Blog. Instructions and code snippets to help you install the Disqus commenting system in your Ghost Theme.