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Ghost CMS News: Signup cards and better landing pages

Unlock new possibilities in the Ghost editor by seamlessly integrating signup forms, customize landing pages, and create stunning headers for your content.

Norbert3 min read

Some exciting new features have been introduced in Ghost recently. The Signup card enables seamless integration of signup forms, the Beta Editor allows for easy removal of titles and feature images on landing pages, and the enhanced header card offers dynamic layouts for visually stunning pages.

Signup cards

The Ghost team has released a new feature in the Beta editor called the Signup card, which is designed to help users grow their audience across their publication. This feature builds on the previous release of embeddable signup forms that allow users to embed signup forms anywhere on the web.

With the new Signup card, users can now add signup forms directly within their Ghost publication without leaving the editor. These forms are integrated with Ghost memberships, meaning they will only be shown to logged out visitors, ensuring that existing members are not confused.

Beta editor — better landing pages

The new Beta Editor in Ghost now allows users to easily remove the title and feature image from any page they are building, without the need for coding. This feature enables users to create pages with a completely different appearance.

To hide the title and feature image from a page, users can simply click on the toggle in the page settings. Once that is done, users can use dynamic cards available in the editor to design their landing pages exactly as they want. They can add headers, calls-to-action, images, toggles, copy, and more.

Header card improvements

The latest update to the header card in the Ghost editor provides users with enhanced capabilities and greater flexibility to create visually stunning pages and posts. This update introduces new layouts, including small, wide, full, and side-by-side, allowing users to craft headers with distinct styles for their content.

With these new layouts, users can now experiment with different header designs and present their content in a more personalized and engaging way. Whether they want a compact header, a wider and more elaborate one, a full-width header that spans the entire width of the page, or a side-by-side layout for a unique visual effect, the options are now available at their fingertips.

This added power and flexibility in the header card empowers users to unleash their creative potential and create headers that perfectly align with their content and desired aesthetic. By incorporating these diverse layouts, users can make their pages and posts stand out, capture attention, and provide an enhanced user experience.

With the new features introduced in the Ghost editor, users can easily grow their audience and customize their pages to create a unique and engaging experience. The Signup cards enable the effortless integration of signup forms, the Beta Editor allows for the removal of titles and feature images, and the updated header cards provide users with greater flexibility in designing visually stunning headers. These improvements empower users to create standout content, capture attention, and enhance the overall user experience on their Ghost publication.

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