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Ghost CMS News: Member Support, Portal & Content Snippets.

Latest news about the Ghost CMS in December 2020. New features, updates and changes. Member support, the new Portal feature, content snippets and more.

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Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Member support

With the new impersonation feature you can support your users easier, by being able to see what they see. Authentication links are now single-use, and have been extended to 24 hours validity. They can be shared directly with any members who are having login issues, or trouble receiving emails.

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New member importer

The new member importer allows you to match your CSV data to the correct fields, and review your import before you run it. You can even add tags to imports.

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Introducing Portal

With the introduction of Portal member sign up, login and subscriptions can be handled by this new feature instead of the theme you are using.

Portal can be enabled in a few clicks directly inside Ghost Admin. The Portal settings menu allows you to customise the sign up options you offer on your site, and the design of the Portal UI.

Beyond member sign up and login, Portal handles the full membership experience, with carefully designed validation, notifications and account management for your subscribers.

The advantage of using Portal is that with updates you can get new features without needing to upgrade your theme, unfortunately Portal is not yet translatable.

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Content snippets

You can now create re-usable snippets of content in your Ghost editor. This snippets can then be used in other posts. Snippets can be any type of content:

  • image
  • newsletter template
  • embed
  • or anything else that you want to use again

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New zapier automation

Ghost updated their Zapier app, making it more powerful and useful adding new actions for finding and updating both members and staff users, as well as new triggers when members are updated or deleted, and when posts are scheduled.

With these new features make it possible to sync and update member attributes, enabling thousands of new potential automations.

Check out all the possible Zapier integrations.

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Send emails to free members

It's now possible to deliver content to free members of your Ghost publication, besides all members, or paid-members only. When publishing any post, you'll see the option to decide whether to send as an email, and to which audience.

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Newsletter design settings

You can now edit and define your own email newsletter design settings, including the header, footer and typography.

You can:

  • Remove your site title and icon from the header
  • Choose a typographic style for your newsletters
  • Include content in the footer, like legal info or an address

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