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Ghost CMS News: Improved Member Dashboard & Sidebar Views.

Latest news about the Ghost CMS in March 2020. New features, updates and changes. Improved member dashboard, filter and sidebar views, member labels and more.

Norbert2 min read

Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Improved members dashboard

The Ghost team introduced some improvements to the member management dashboard making it easier managing members and keeping track of growth.

You can add members directly from the member dashboard, making it easy to add new members. Gravatars were integrated for members as well as a new chart that shows the membership growth for a selected time frame.

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Complimentary premium plans

You can now offer complimentary subscriptions to your members in a couple of clicks. This means you can give your friends or family access to paid-member only content in Ghost, without them needing to sign up or enter any credit card details.

You can do this navigating to the member profile you'd like to provide free access to, and toggle "Complimentary premium plan".

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Filter posts with sidebar views

You have the possibility to filter and manage your content even more effectively with the sidebar views in Ghost Admin.

The views will appear under the Posts section, right below the Drafts, Scheduled and Published views. You can create your own custom views combining the different filters available and saving it with a name and colour.

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Segment subscribers with member labels

You have more options to manage members with the introduction of member labels which you can now use to segment your members list in Ghost from the member dashboard.

For imported members you can apply labels automatically via Zapier integration Another option is to apply labels automatically via the API in your themes signup form.

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