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Ghost CMS News: Membership tiers, email CTA & filters

Ghost CMS news in October 2021. New membership tiers beta, email specific promotions with Email call to actions, segment members with advanced filtering.

Norbert2 min read

Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

New membership tiers (beta)

It's now possible to create multiple tiers and offer your audience more options to become paid subscribers. With the new tiers feature you can create different subscriptions with different prices and define the post access based on these tiers.

With the addition of "Tiers", you can:

  • offer different level of subscription and benefits (and different price)
  • offer a high-price tier for people those who want to contribute more
  • match tiers that you already offer on other platforms such as Patreon
  • and much more...

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Check out the official tiers guide

Email specific call to action

A new email card was added in the editor that allows you to add call to action content in your email newsletters. You can use this feature to include custom content in your emails and invite your audience to take action (subscribe, promotion).

More specifically, you can promote your premium memberships with a link to the signup page or other products you sell, with a direct link to a landing page or checkout page.

More about email CTA

Advanced members filtering

Filter option was added in the member dashboard, this allows you to create segments and carry out bulk actions such as adding or removing labels. It's now possible to filter your members by label, email subscription status, member status, billing period, emails opened, emails sent, email open rates, and more.

You can use this feature to:

  • find the least or most engaged members and take action

  • add/remove labels to a filtered list so you can deliver emails to specific segments of your audience

  • unsubscribe unengaged members from receiving emails

  • export segments of your audience to use in other tools


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Emails without publishing

With the latest update, you can choose whether or not to publish a post on your website, when sending an email newsletter to members. This can be useful if you want to send some special offer to your members, or a weekly/monthly roundup of stories.

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