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Ghost CMS News: New editor, refreshed settings & recommendations

Discover the new Ghost editor, explore refreshed settings, get webmention based recommendations, and enjoy the convenience of emoji autocomplete.

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The new Ghost editor

Ghost has released a new version of its editor that promises to be faster and more robust than its predecessors. The update includes several new features, such as native image editing, post history, landing page cards, and bookmarking. It also addresses longstanding issues with the previous editor, including faster performance, improved handling of large posts, better undo/redo chaining, improved mobile editing, and nested lists. The new editor is now available for all Ghost installs.

Under the hood, the technical changes made to the editor unlock new possibilities for the future. The previous editor was built in Ember.js limiting their ability to develop new features and address core bugs. The new editor has been rebuilt using React.js and Lexical, both open source frameworks developed by Meta.

Ghost worked directly with the Lexical core team for over a year to make this transition happen with plans to continue improving the editing experience and opening up new possibilities for future developments.

Refreshed settings

The settings area in Ghost Admin has undergone a redesign to make it more organized and user-friendly. With the introduction of new features over the past couple of years, it had become difficult to navigate and manage settings efficiently.

The update now presents all settings in a single screen, with dedicated navigation and search options. Users can easily scroll through the settings or use the search function to find specific options quickly.

Overall, the changes aim to simplify the management of Ghost settings, making it easier for users to find and modify the various options available to them.

Ghost settings view
Ghost settings view


The new native Recommendations feature that allows publishers to support and amplify each other's work. The feature is designed to help publishers grow their audience by cross-promoting content without any limits or hidden incentives.

Ghost's Recommendations system is compatible with any platform, website, or publisher. This means publishers can recommend whoever they like, without restrictions. Publishers can curate a list of their favorite publishers and sites, and Ghost will show these recommendations to new members on signup.

The platform also provides simple statistics to track the performance of recommendations and identify who is recommending their content. Additionally, Ghost delivers notifications to other publishers when someone starts recommending them, encouraging them to reciprocate the recommendation.

Ghost also offers the ability to add a link to show Recommendations anywhere on a website and provides native integration via Portal.

Emoji autocomplete

Finally, for those of us that like an emoji or two in their posts 🙋 the Ghost Editor just got a little more streamlined. You can easily add any emoji by simply pressing : and continuing to type, to find the emoji you are looking for.

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