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Ghost CMS News: Source - the new default theme and native image editing

Discover the latest Ghost CMS updates in our blog post! Learn about the sleek new default theme, Source, and how the native image editing feature enhances your content creation process.

Norbert3 min read

After the most recent updates and additions to the editor cards, Ghost just unveiled two more important updates, including a new default theme (Source) and native image editing. Let's delve into the details of these exciting additions.

New default theme — Source

Casper has been the default theme in Ghost for the past 10 years. It started as a personal blog theme. Casper v2 came with much improved design, and more of a magazine focus. After that there were smaller tweaks, like adding support for dark mode, minimalist style changes.

With with all the features Ghost has added in the last few years (memberships, email newsletters, paid subscriptions and custom theme settings), there was a need for a new official default theme. Source is a completely new theme, built for publishing in 2023. It can act as a landing page, news site or traditional publication.

Here's the source code of the new default theme:

Native image editing

Ghost now boasts a built-in, native image editor that lets you make quick adjustments without interrupting your flow. Crop, add filters, and more with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.

Additionally, you can annotate and highlight specific areas, ensuring your image captures attention effectively. Thanks to this partnership with Pintura, Ghost's image editor offers seamless editing capabilities within the platform.

Post history

In the past, recovering post versions was a somewhat manual process, requiring additional effort and time. However, Ghost has now streamlined this process by introducing a simple and intuitive user interface. This new UI allows you to easily browse through your post's entire edit history, providing valuable insights into who made what changes and when.

The edit history feature is not only useful for identifying who edited your posts, but it also serves as a comprehensive backup system. Should you accidentally delete or modify important content, you can now effortlessly restore any previous version with just a single click.

This ensures that any mishaps or errors can be rectified promptly, without any unnecessary hassle or stress.

Ghost bookmarker

The new Ghost Bookmarker browser extension can simplify your content creation process on the Ghost CMS platform. You can now drop any webpage into a draft post, saving you time and effort.

The Bookmarker extension is designed to automatically insert new links into an existing draft post in Ghost. This means that as you bookmark more pages, they will seamlessly integrate into the same draft.

Now, you can conveniently gather, curate, and publish content.

Whether you're a new user or a seasoned publisher, these updates make it easier than ever to create stunning, professional content without the need for complex coding or external tools.

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