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Ghost CMS News: Free trials & email notifications

Ghost CMS free trials for tiers, with offers and complementary plans limits. Email notifications for comments, signups, and paid subscriptions.

Norbert2 min read

After the release of the native search function in July, and the native comments in August, the Ghost team has added even more features, this time free trials of premium content and email notifications.

Free trials

With the addition of free trials, you will have a lot more options to gain more paid subscribers. Free trials can be offered in three different ways depending on your audience and your setup.

  1. Free trials for tiers: You can now add a free trial to your premium tiers in Ghost, which will be enabled for all new signups, collecting a credit card on signup - and then charging once the free trial is over.

  2. Free trials with offers: In case you don't want free trials for all new signups, you can create a special offer in Ghost offering a free trial to a limited set of users, or for a limited time, to encourage new signups.

  3. Free trials with complementary plans: Previously complementary plans were not limited, but now you can set an expiry date for complementary plans and give members an option to switch to a paid plan.

Email notifications

Now you can get email notifications every time:

  • a member comments on one of your posts
  • a new free member signs up
  • a member starts a new paid subscription
  • a member cancels their paid subscription

This will make it easier for you to keep track of what's happening with your site and your audience. Also, if you prefer to get an email for some but not all of these events you can adjust these settings from the Admin, by going to Settings > Staff and under the Email notifications section.

Ghost CMS Email notification settings
Ghost CMS Email notification settings

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