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Array Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for topics and categories with a dynamic colorful tag feed, a unique configurable post feed and customizable tag cards.

Flair Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for startup and company blogs with a customizable post feed & topic sections, dynamic featured posts and custom CTAs.

20% OFF
Lumen Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for job boards and listings with a customizable home page layout, filterable job board and collection pages & job posts.

40% OFF
Bokeh Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for photography and art with a sophisticated layout, unique color schemes and multiple post feed & card styles.

20% OFF
Saaga Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for stories and newsletters with a big bold hero section, colorful featured posts and multiple post feed styles.

Curie Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for notes and changelogs with a unique timeline layout, full-content articles and stylish CTA.

Maali Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for news and magazines with a configurable hero section, unique topic sections and multiple post layouts.

Rinne Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for directory and resources with an eye catching hero, filterable resources and customizable resources layout.

25% OFF
Tuuli Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for personal writing and blogs with a versatile homepage, flexible about content and minimal and clean design.

Fumio Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for projects and portfolios with a stylish projects section, modular homepage and dedicated blog collection.

25% OFF
Nikko Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for newsletters and blogs with a flexible post feed, personal layout, content sidebar and newsletter archive.

25% OFF
Dashi Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for blogs and magazines with a unique dashboard style, multiple color schemes and sidebar menu.

33% OFF
Joben Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for blogs and any purpose with a toggle for grid and list view, colorful cards and dark & light themes.

33% OFF
Auden Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for magazines and blogs with a unique featured hero section, sidebar for content and clean and modern style.

66% OFF
Yoffa Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for writing and blogs with a lightweight and minimal layout, unique menu and grid post feed.

66% OFF
Voice Ghost Theme


Ghost Theme for news and blogs with a colorful hero section, simple & elegant post cards and flexible advertisement section.

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Frequently asked questions

Full FAQ
Can I use your themes with Ghost Pro?

Yes, our themes can be used with Ghost Pro, however, the 'Starter' plan does not include custom themes, so you need at least the 'Creator' plan.

Can I use the theme on multiple websites?

It depends on the type of license you purchased, with the Regular license you can use the theme for only one website. To use the theme for multiple websites, you can either purchase the Regular license for each end product or purchase the Pro Themes Bundle.

What's the difference between the purchase options?

The Single Theme purchase will give you access to a single theme, the Yearly Access subscription will give you access to all themes as long as your subscription is active, the Lifetime Bundle will give you access to all themes for lifetime. For more information check out the Pricing page.

What does support cover?

Support covers questions you may have regarding feature configuration, or bugs and general questions about the theme. Support does NOT cover Ghost installation or fixes, theme customization & updates.

How long is support valid for?

All theme purchases include 1-year support by default if you want to extend reach out via the contact page.

Can I change and customize the theme?

Yes, you are free to customize the themes as much as you want. The documentation covers theme setup and basic customization. For more guides and tutorials check out our blog.

How to update the theme when a new version is released?

When a new version is released, we provide a changelog, with a description of the changes as well as a list of changed, added, or deleted files. This can be viewed at any time on the changelog pages. You should also check out our guide about the update process

How often are the themes updated?

There is no fixed amount of time or date for updates, but we keep all themes compatible with the latest Ghost versions.