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Ghost CMS News: Referral Programs & Responsive Images.

Latest news about the Ghost CMS in August 2020. New features, updates and changes. Custom from-addresses for newsletters, membership referral programs, automatic responsive images and more.

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Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

Custom from-addresses for email newsletters

It's now possible to send newsletters from any address, after verifying your email.

Before this, you were only allowed to change the first part of the form address in order to avoid spam.

Improved content organisation

It's possible to filter posts by access level (Public, Members only, Paid members only) to make it easier to find and edit your content for different segments of your audience. You can even create custom views based on access level, to create quick links in the sidebar.

INR currency support

You can also now sell premium subscriptions to membership sites in Indian Rupees (INR), as well as USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and CAD.

Select your currency from the dropdown menu in Members settings – Ghost takes care of the rest by automatically creating those pricing plans in your Stripe account.

Membership referral programs

Ghost has now anΒ integration with FirstPromoter so you are now able to offer your fans rewards and commissions using a custom welcome page on your Ghost site to track referrals.

Automatic responsive images

Ghost now generates automatic responsive assets for images in your post content, which is an important step in making image-heavy posts perform much better and load faster.

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