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Ghost CMS News: Google Pay support, email newsletters & secondary navigation

New in Ghost CMS: new theme helpers, Google Pay support, email newsletter beta, secondary navigation and subscription management.

Norbert3 min read

Latest Ghost CMS news and updates.

New theme helpers

3 new handlebars helpers have been added:

  • link - is a block helper that creates links with dynamic classes

Basically it will create an anchor element that wraps around any kind of string or HTML. Link is capable of handling all valid anchor attributes in HTML. The href attribute must be included (otherwise an error is thrown), other options that you can use is class, target, onclick and in fact link can handle all valid anchor attributes. You can even use hbs variable as attributes. Exemple:

{{#link href=@site.url}}Home{{/link}}
  • link_class - add dynamic classes to elements

This helper adds dynamic classes depending on the currently viewed page. If the page slug (e.g. /about/) matches the value given to the for attribute the helper will output a nav-current class. A for value must be provided.

  • concat - concatenate multiple things together such as template values and string

This helper will take all of the items passed to it, treat them as strings, and concatenate them together without any spaces. There can be an unlimited amount of items passed to the helper. You can pass strings, variables and other helpers as well.

More about new theme helpers ⟶

Payments with Google Pay

Readers have now the possibility to subscribe to a premium plan and support your creative work using Google Pay. All Ghost members sites now have Google Pay support via the integration with Stripe.

More about google payments

Email newsletters (beta)

It's now possible to send email newsletters directly from Ghost. Save time, keep everything in one place and let your subscribers know when you've published new content in a couple of clicks. When you go to publish a post, you can also deliver it directly to your members via email, you can also set a custom subject line, see a preview, and send yourself a test email before actually publishing to make sure everything is right. Emails are automatically targeted based on your post access level, so if you set a post to be 'Paid Members Only' then it will only be emailed to the paying subset of your audience.

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Secondary Navigation

Ghost Admin now supports secondary navigation, making it fast and simple to add or update links to your site's navigation menus. Go to the Design settings page in Ghost Admin to add your secondary navigation links. Of course your theme has to support this feature for you to see any difference on the site.

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Subscription management

Your members can now self-manage subscriptions for any membership publication built with Ghost with the following options being available:

  • cancel subscription
  • continue billing (to reactivate it)

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