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Ghost CMS News: Member Growth Sources & Audience Feedback

Ghost CMS extended the analytics capability wih the new member growth sources, they also added audience feedback and it is also possible to edit your email newsletter links.

Norbert3 min read

The membership feature is a game changer, allowing you to monetize your content and grow in a sustainable manner. Ghost recently added newsletter analytics and now you have even more details in the form of member growth sources and audience feedback. Let's explore the new features:

Member growth sources

To drive growth, you'll need access to key metrics that give you the big picture of your membership's overall health. Analytics can help you improve the deliverability, relevance, and growth of your newsletter. Ghost just got a major update, giving you the tools you need to understand how your audience is growing.

The member growth features allow you to understand the most popular referral sources where people discover your work, as well as which post or page people were reading at the time they decided to signup. These metrics can be found in different places:

  • Top sources: On the dashboard, you can see the top sources driving audience growth, this gives you an overview of how many of your member signups are being driven from social media, referrals, or any external source.
  • Post analytics: On your post analytics, you can see the number of free signups and paid conversions generated by that specific post.
  • Individual member stats: For every new free member signup, and every new paid subscription, Ghost now shows you where on the web that person came from as well as what post or page they were on when they converted, right on the member profile page.

Audience feedback

Getting feedback from people who read your newsletter is one of the most important activities you can do while running a newsletter. It's important because feedback can help you figure out your target audience, bring your audience closer and boost your motivation.

With the latest Ghost release, a new audience feedback feature was added, which gives your readers the opportunity to react to your content directly at the bottom of a newsletter.

This feature can be enabled within your newsletter settings, in the Settings → Email Newsletters area of Ghost Admin. The reactions of your audience can be found in the post analytics for each individual newsletter, you can also view individual member feedback, directly from a member profile in the activity feed.

This feature is great for gaining a better understanding of the types of content that are resonating with your audience.

All of us were in a situation where we needed to fix a broken link or a typo in our content. That is easy to do in published posts, but it wasn't possible in email newsletters. Now it is!

The latest updates in Ghost make it possible to edit any link in a newsletter. All you need to do is click into the post analytics, find the link that needs to be updated, and click to edit. This is true, even for emails that have been delivered to your audience.

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