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Ghost CMS News: Automatic list cleaning & email troubleshooting

Ghost CMS added automatic list cleaning, and email troubleshooting. Two new free themes were released (Taste and Episode), as well as a new VS Code extension for development.

Norbert3 min read

The newsletter feature has matured a lot and the Ghost team is adding even more features and some quality of life improvements. Let's explore what's new.

Automatic list cleaning

Keeping your deliverability rates high is an important part of your newsletter, and it's never been easier with the new automatic list cleaning Ghost keeps your email list clean. If emails sent to a member consistently fail, or are marked as spam, then emails for that account will be automatically disabled.

Users can still re-enable newsletters from their account settings, in the event that emails are mistakenly disabled.

Staff users in Ghost can also view and manage disabled emails from within admin.

Email troubleshooting

The member account area is now populated with dynamically customized tips and suggestions for anyone who's having trouble receiving emails.

This can help the small percentage of emails that get caught up in the wrong place due to overzealous spam filters, or arbitrary email client algorithms. Unfortunatelt, these issues can't be avoided completely, this can answer the most common issues subscribers might be facing.

Taste and Episode themes

The Ghost team released two brand new official themes, designed specifically for food writing and podcast creators:

  • Taste - an elegant, minimalist Ghost theme focused on food writing, that is integrated with memberships, newsletters, comments, search, and everything else you need to share recipes on a food blog.

  • Episode - allows podcasters to create a website to showcase the latest episodes, and give listeners the opportunity to support their work directly through memberships.

Ghost VS Code extension

A brand new official VS Code extension was released to help make Ghost theme editing and creation as easy as possible.

Here's what it can help with:

  • learn how to build Ghost themes: Hover over any Ghost syntax to get a quick explanation, example, and link to the docs for more information. This feature is enabled automatically for any Ghost template file you open in VS Code.
  • search and access Ghost's official docs right from the editor: Open VS Code's command palette and search for ghost or docs. Choose Search Ghost's documentation and enter your search term. Select what you're looking for, and it'll open right there in the editor.
  • the extension will autocomplete your code: Autocomplete speeds up your development process and helps you to recall options for more complex helpers like {{#get}}.
  • dynamic autocompletes that use your theme's package.json configuration to generate custom snippets for responsive images and custom settings.

Download the extension

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