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Ghost CMS newsletter settings and post analytics

New post analytics export, newsletter settings, newsletter comment CTA, subscription details and latest posts.

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Today, we'll explore some exciting features to help you engage and grow your audience, such as post analytics exports, including your latest posts in newsletters, adding subscription details to your newsletters, inviting members to reply in the comments, and minimalist newsletter settings.

These tools will not only help you understand your readers better but also create more engaging and personalized content for them. So, without further ado, let's dive into these handy tips to level up your Ghost CMS experience and take your newsletters and audience interactions to new heights!

Post analytics exports

Ghost has recently introduced a user-friendly feature enabling you to swiftly export all analytics related to your posts, facilitating a more comprehensive examination of your content.

These post analytics exports provide complete information for every published post in a CSV format, simplifying the process of analyzing your data using your preferred spreadsheet application. This capability allows you to manipulate and dissect the data as needed, offering a deeper understanding of your content's performance.

To obtain an export of your post metrics, simply head to Settings → Analytics and click Export post analytics, with this feature, you can now:

  1. Filter your content by tags, access levels, or authors to analyze various content segments independently.
  2. Identify which posts contribute the most to growth with data on free signups and paid subscriptions conversions.
  3. Uncover the content that resonates the most and determine which posts garnered the highest positive feedback from your audience.
  4. Delve into email statistics and filter posts based on the highest (or lowest) open rates and click-through rates.

Include latest posts in newsletters

Enhance reader engagement by incorporating your latest posts in every newsletter issue. The latest posts feature automatically appends the three most recent published posts to the bottom of your newsletters, allowing you to invite subscribers to explore more of your content and encouraging them to visit your site as logged-in members.

This new feature is particularly well-suited for those who rely primarily on email to interact with their audience and have a wealth of published content on their site, as it effectively increases engagement and click-through rates.

You can activate the latest posts section in your email settings.

Add subscription details to newsletters

Enhance transparency with your audience by utilizing the new subscription details feature, ensuring that your readers are aware of why they receive emails from you.

You can now include personalized subscription information at the bottom of each newsletter, allowing members to view the email address they used to subscribe, the subscription date, and the renewal date for paid members.

This fosters trust with your audience and helps manage their expectations by avoiding spam reports through reminding readers of the reason behind receiving your emails and reducing support by reminding paid members of their subscription benefits and how to manage them.

Invite members to reply in the comments

Encourage readers to interact with your content directly from your newsletter using the new comment call-to-action feature in emails. Building deeper connections with your audience is crucial for developing a successful independent publishing business.

Allowing comments on your posts motivates readers to join the conversation, and now they can participate even while reading your content in their inbox. When readers click on the comment link in your emails, they are redirected to the comments section of the post on your site.

This feature is enabled by default for sites with comments activated and can be turned off in the newsletter settings.

Minimalist newsletter settings

Ghost now offers the option to remove post titles and author information from email newsletters, allowing you greater flexibility in the types of emails you send to your audience.

This feature enables you to create various email styles, including:

  1. Simple emails: Easily send personal letters, quick notes, informal messages, or survey invitations that have a more casual feel.
  2. Announcements or marketing emails: Promote paid subscriptions, special offers, or make announcements.
  3. Roundup emails: Share a compilation of your latest posts or curated articles from across the internet.

To take advantage of this feature, simply toggle off the post title in the email design settings and begin crafting your custom emails.

Portal signup terms

You can now prompt your audience to read your community guidelines and accept your terms of service by incorporating custom text and a checkbox into your signup form using Portal.

This addition offers a versatile way to establish signup terms for new subscribers. Simply navigate to Portal settings to add your personalized terms.

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