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Biron Themes becomes Bright Themes 🎉

With Bright Themes, we're taking a bold step forward, infusing our themes with even more luminosity, and ensuring that your website shines brighter than ever before.

Ghost CMS News: Native Comments

Ghost CMS native comments was introduced in version 5.8.0. The new comment system is clean and intuitive and it will help to increase engagement, with built-in email notifications

Ghost CMS News: Native Search

Ghost CMS native search function was introduced in version 5.3.0. It provides clean, fast and intuitive way fo find content across your publication

Ghost 5.0 released 🎉

Check out all the Ghost 5.0 features in the latest major release from the Ghost team. Memberships tiers, multiple newsletters, a new dashboard and more.

Ghost 3.0 is here with brand new features

What's new in Ghost 3.0? An overview of the new features in the Ghost Publishing Platform. Membership & subscriptions, JAMstack and theme deployment with Ghost 3.0.

Ghost 2.0 is here with new features

What's new in Ghost 2.0? An overview of the new features in the Ghost Blogging Platform. A brand new editor, multi-language support and more.