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Tuuli is a Ghost Blog Theme that is perfect for creating a personal blog. It has a customizable hero section and post feed so you can choose the option that matches your style. The multitude of post layouts will help making your content stand out.

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  • Version:1.3.0
  • Updated:Mar 13, 2024
  • Ghost 5.0
  • Custom settings
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Tuuli Ghost Theme

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5.0 from 217+ reviews

Tuuli is the ideal theme to build your blog on. Whether it's a personal or company blog the custom settings that come with the theme, will make it easy to adapt for any scenario. The theme comes with a clean and modern layout, that you can change in just a few clicks to fit your style and make your content stand out.

The homepage

It's one of the most important pages of your website, and you can customize the style with Tuuli, starting with the hero section, featured posts section, post feed layout, featured tags section, and more.

The hero section appears on the left side by default, but you can change it to the right side, or make it full width (with an image on the left, right, or below the text)

You can play around with some of the settings on the  demo to see what are the possibilities.

You can choose which tags you want to feature on the homepage and additionally you can define your CTA to increase subscriptions.

Tuuli - Tags & CTA
Tuuli - Tags & CTA

More customization

Besides the hero section layout, the post feed style, featured tags, and CTA you can do even more to personalize the template, to make it your own:

  • Set your preferred color scheme as the default one (system, light, dark, midnight, ivory, skyblue)
  • Change the font family to one that fits your style
  • Change the background accent of the hero section and CTA
  • Set your header style: normal, sticky, floating
  • Use the native search or a custom one, no setup is needed
  • Use the custom routes for membership pages or the Portal with just one click
  • Use the native comment system by Ghost or custom comment platforms like Cove or Disqus

Check out the documentation for more information about custom settings and useful snippets on how you can customize the theme.

Custom pages

The theme comes with custom Tag and Author templates. Additionally, the theme also includes custom pages for showing all Tags and Authors.

Another custom page that is especially useful for blogs with a lot of posts, is the Archive page. This page will include all posts, grouped by the month it was published in.

Tuuli - Archive
Tuuli - Archive

If you want to monetize your content, the Ghost membership and tiers feature is ideal and Tuuli comes with a custom Membership page, as well as Signin, Signup and Account pages.

Tuuli - Membership
Tuuli - Membership

Custom templates

Tuuli gives you flexibility in presenting your content, you can choose from the following templates for your posts and pages:

  • The default template is a simple layout with a wide feature image
  • With Background Image is a template that displays the feature image in the background and the post title and information will be over the image
  • With Full Width Background Image is a template that displays the feature image in the background and full width, the post title and information are over the image
  • With Image On Side is a template that displays the feature image on the right side and the title and the post information on the left (on desktop)
  • With Narrow Image is a template similar to the default one, but with a narrow feature image (same width as the post content)
  • With Sidebar is a template that includes a sidebar next to the post content with links to featured posts and the latest posts
  • With Table Of Contents And Sidebar is a template that includes a fixed table of contents on the left and a sidebar on the right

Editor cards

Full support for the full range of editor cards in the Ghost editor:

  • Markdown card
  • Bookmark card
  • Gallery card
  • Image card with normal, wide, and full width
  • GIF card
  • Button card
  • NTF embed
  • Callout card
  • Toggle card
  • Alternative quote style
  • Product card
  • Audio card
  • Video card
  • File card
  • Header card
  • Check out an overview of all the Elements

Translation ready

By default, everything is in English (en.json), additionally, the theme comes with translations in:

  • 🇩🇪 German (de.json)
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish (es.json)
  • 🇫🇷 French (fr.json)
  • 🇮🇹 Italian (it.json)
  • 🇳🇱 Dutch (nl.json)
  • 🇵🇹 Portuguese (pt.json)
  • 🇹🇷 Turkish (tr.json)

Extra features

  • Table of contents - integrated TOC feature, which can be used either as part of a post template or with an internal tag (#toc)
  • Accessibility - the theme is validated against Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) passing all relevant rules and keyboard navigation throughout the theme is assured and color contrast recommendations are respected. Accessibility checks
  • Multiple color schemes - the theme comes with system, dark, light, ivory, midnight, and skyblue color schemes (you can set the default from the admin)
  • Membership & Subscriptions - full support for the membership feature, including membership tiers
  • Search - native and custom search options are part of the theme, you just have to select the option you prefer.
  • Image lazy loading - images are lazy loaded for better performance
  • Comments - set either Cove or Disqus right from the custom settings, no need to edit the theme files


Set up automatic theme deployment using GitHub Actions, so whenever you change theme files and push them to your repository, it's automatically deployed to your website. Follow our ghost theme deployment tutorial.


The online documentation covers everything you need, starting from installing the theme to customizing it according to your needs. You will also find useful information for color customization as well as theme development if you want to do more advanced customization.

Feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or need support.
Twitter: @brightthemes_

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